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Job Position
Financial Application Consultant

Athens Technology Center (ATC) seeks for a Financial Application Consultant. The key responsibilities of the candidate include
  • Analysis and development of Enterprise Performance Management solutions
  • Analysis and development of the structure of financial model (dimensions, hierarchies, business rules etc.)
  • Build Budget, Planning and Consolidation processes and Financial Statements
  • Prepare operational and user related documentation in support of applications
  • Provide support to functional users, determining and solving functional issues
  • Provide informal and formal end user training

Candidate qualifications/profile
Basic Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree in Economics from a Higher Education Institution
  • Basic knowledge on Financial Statements structure
  • Demonstrated experience in working with MS Excel (version 2013 or later)

Experience with packaged Financial Planning environments would be an asset.

Skills and expertise
Due to the complex nature of the position, the candidate must possess
  • both analytical and operational development skills
  • attention to detail and team work oriented attitude
  • excellent communication skills both in Greek and English

Moreover, this job requires experience in database management including mapping, quality, interfaces, relational databases, ETL (extract, transform & load) and controls (completeness, accuracy, validity, restricted access).

The candidate should be able to work effectively in a matrix organization, with different teams collaborating on different aspects of a project.

Benefits provided
The company offers excellent career opportunities and a competitive compensation package, based on the qualifications of the candidate.