Case Studies

The OpenBet - ATC Project

OpenBet OPENBET and ATC have worked together to develop an outsourcing model for seamless co-operation of ATC-OPENBET resources in Greece with other OPENBET resources in the UK and other locations globally. The near-sourcing character of the model enables real-time live co-operation between teams dispersed between the UK and Greece.

The Athens resources are recruited following a sophisticated, yet fully transparent procedure and are then trained by OPENBET in the UK before assuming their positions. They are dedicated to their OPENBET assignment, whether this concerns development, testing or end customer support. Athens resources participate fully in all OPEBET communication channels and feel OPENBET as their home.

During the first year of operation a large number of engineers have been recruited, integrated with OPENBET resources and became productive in record time. This sets the basis for a successful continuation of the project for the benefit of both OPENBET and the Greek Software Engineering community.