Project, Process or Business: We can handle it

Following Agile methodologies and based on SMART goal setting, we create work teams dedicated to your needs, to seamlessly co-operate with your home-based resources, experiencing your organization as their own.

We can rotate between Business and Project Outsourcing or run two parallel programs to suit your demands, by even adjusting team structures and work philosophy accordingly to obtain a premium result in both cases. Moreover, you can either set your preferred evaluation model or follow the respective processes and tools proposed by ATC.
With more than 25 years of expertise in global market, we enjoy a strong financial rating, abide by all EU legislation for accounting and have access to adequate business insurance and financing (credit report available from the Dunn and Bradstreet BB Service).

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Customer Centric outsourcing model

Outsourcing A Project

Collaboration   Whether it concerns an experimental first step in some new business opportunity, or an one-off project that would stretch heavily on your resources and organization we have the experience to help you. We will develop to your specifications (but we can consult you, too if in our region of key expertise and requested) and will deliver the sources upon completion.

Outsourcing a Process or Business

Collaboration   Whether you need to create a new development center but do not want the hassle of organizing and staffing it, or whether you wish to outsource a whole process or business we can create it for you in a manner that it will seamlessly blend with your organization.

Incubate a Team for Your Business

Collaboration   We can organize, train and season a business team for your next business focus, relieving your organization from the stress to do it and absorbing the risks of novelty. Upon task completion we can transfer to you the sources and, if so desired, the resources as well!


  • Expertise in resource-critical Markets like Banking and Finance, Gaming, Mobile Workforces, Enterprise Systems, CMS and portal systems and Contract Research
  • Customer Centric Business Model
  • EU based Outsourcing
  • Value for money need not sacrifice quality or security
  • Serve different Models of Out-Sourcing to meet client expectations
  • Refuse to Sacrifice Quality or Business continuity to Cost
  • Significant Success Stories and References from Global Players
  • Almost 100% of Greek IT Engineers command a high degree of fluency in English Language; US and UK-based education, with international curriculum profiles