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January 2016

Solutions for data-driven CFOs

Sifting through mountains of financial data is a daily mandate for CFOs; transforming such data, stored in various databases, into actionable business information is a true challenge.

Data modeling
collates all data available in a company and aligns everyone to minimize mistakes like people working simultaneously on different versions of spreadsheets or not knowing which customers or products need the most effort and attention.

How does data modeling affect my business?
With data modeling, you can easily find relevant information and create a report out of it. Hence, as you try to grow and scale up as a company, the spreadsheet technique will not be sufficient and effective when you are looking for behaviors and trends over time, like most profitable customers or KPIs related to underperforming regions.

Is the benefit of data modeling limited only to my finance department?
The benefits of data modeling spans across the entire organization and even outside of the organization. For example, your model could provide you with insights about customer retention, allowing the organization to trace and analyze all campaigns and activities run to secure that existing customers are content.

Why is data modeling difficult even for experienced database designers?
Precision and clarity are basic. For a data modeler to correctly capture the model’s requirements, a high degree of accuracy and completeness is required even from the 1st step. Taking the time to create the model ensures that it will be tailored to the unique needs of the organization.

Why trust Performance Canvas?
Designing a high performance database is not for the inexperienced. The designer has to be good at data modeling, physical database design, disaster recovery, data integration, security management, among others. Performance Canvas is designed by the same people who worked on IBM Cognos and Consolidator, Hyperion Enterprise, SAP BPC, Clarity Solution and Frango Consolidation.

Meet Performance Canvas, a modern, dynamic, easily implemented and reasonably priced system, a tool that truly can be shipped out of the box without ridiculous amounts of customization.

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