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February 2016

ATC in the 4th Smart Cities Conference

Athens Technology Center (ATC) is pleased to support the 4th Smart Cities Conference, proving once more its active role in the ecosystem of  players who design and provide innovative solutions and technologies for the civil, economic and social development, the improvement of urban life and sustainability.

During the event, ATC will showcase ADAMO project, which aims to
  • serve tourists and business travellers with personalised touristic paths through the combination of their dynamically built tourism, travel and mobility preferences.
  • strengthen local businesses through targeted advertising.

The relevant tools using open data categorized points of interest, improved movement mechanisms and information personalization solutions and services.

ATC exploits new technologies (such as geographic positioning, processing and data visualization, sensors and augmented reality), and a wide range (open) of data. These technologies are combined with route design, travel information and event services available on public urban transport, even with environmental data, in order to create personalized "smart" web & mobile applications for areas like parking, media, bicycle sharing, local news, and special events and attractions.

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