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March 2016

How to choose the best ERP For manufacturing?

Manufacturing enterprises are unique – for example, even for a certain product there is not “one and only” way to source, make, ship or store it. However, the same companies share several constraints and business processes; all of them have to order, sell and ship something.
Hence, someone would think that selecting the best ERP software system for these functions should be relatively easy. Well, … it shouldn’t be.
The best ERP for manufacturing is determined by selecting the right tool for the right job – since your product is unique, so your workflows should be.
  • What do you do? Some ERP systems are built for process manufacturing, others will suit discrete manufacturing better.
  • Is there any flexibility? Will you have to use it as outlined by the vendor or can the proposed system can be turned inside and out and customized to your business? Epicor ERP is both designed for the manufacturing industry, and agile enough to be customized to meet desired processes.
  • Cloud or on premise? Lower total cost of ownership and quick implementations of cloud ERP tend to be attractive to emerging business. Epicor ERP supports both on premise and cloud-based deployment, servicing a variety of manufacturing business types.

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