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April 2016

Employee retention strategies and checklist

Creating a magnetic workforce is set by various factors like strong knowledge of your people, performance improvement, career development and opportunities, work environment and culture. Knowing what motivates your employees, offering coaching, educational opportunities and training programs, actually helps you balance turnover rates, leading to reduced employee replacement costs, enhanced  productivity and less lost clients. After all, your company is only as good as the talent you keep.

Best practices for increasing employee retention include
  • providing career navigation and personal branding strategies from the start
  • creating a culture of trust
  • recognizing good performance and,
  • identifying prospect employees that could be the right skills and culture fit.

ATC helps organisations to develop and standardise consistent talent processes by connecting systems, processes, people with business strategy and objectives. For all those areas, ATC has partnered with Saba, a global leader in talent management, to meet the unique needs of organisations of any size or complexity and within any industry.

Check out this Talent Retention Checklist and contact us to help you assess your organization’s effectiveness in terms of developing and retaining talent along with identifying areas where improvement is needed!