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April 2016

Technology and growth - you can't have one without the other

Although business world knows that technology is an important partner in the growth journey, still, we find it hard to decide what should come first, the technology or the growth.

While growth rises the need for owning next generation technologies, yet technology itself, such as ERP solutions, are regularly viewed as a key driving force for growth.
But what about the expected "fear" of "un-managed" progression, that could put excessive pressure on operations, damaging quality and customer satisfaction? Well, an ERP platform can be implemented either to enable evolution or as an outcome of business development; the key here is that technology provides all the appropriate tools to grow effectively.

On your way to growth, Epicor ERP
fully supports you to scale up and out to new locations or new markets, while minimizing disruption!
  • Interprets and analyzes vast amounts of relevant business data, allowing you to timely react to market forces and,
  • Helps you keep costs in check, maintain efficiency and customer service and present an organized front – everywhere, all the time.

Even during or after growth, Epicor ERP will automate daily workflows, allowing your staff to succesfuly manage the higher workloads that naturaly derive.
  • Keep an accurate ‘birds-eye’ view of business data, making it possible to keep track of more orders, projects or customer requirements than before.

Contact us today to meet the latest ERP solutions that will provide you with the information, efficiency and automation you need to make growth happen.

[Source: Celia Fleischaker, SVP, Global Marketing at Epicor]