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March 2016

Survey shows potential pitfalls of business growth along with key concerns troubling executives when growth is unplanned

While organizations strive to achieve growth and profitability, new research reveals a significant underlying level of anxiety exists among top business leaders regarding their company's ability to succeed in the face of growth and change.

New international research [conducted by MORAR Consulting and commissioned by Epicor Software Corporation], unveiled the potential pitfalls of business growth, and the key concerns causing executives fear, uncertainty and doubt, when growth is unplanned.
  • Nearly nine-in-ten (89%) organizations surveyed experienced growth that hadn't gone exactly according to plan.
  • 58 percent of businesses surveyed globally, reported growth in 2015 and nearly 70 percent expect to grow in 2016, however only 11 percent experienced growth totally in line with their plans in 2015.
  • Half (48%) said they worry that business growth puts excessive pressure on operations, damaging quality and customer satisfaction.
  • 42% were also concerned that their business IT systems may prove unable to cope with managing a larger, more complex, business model.
  • 45% of business leaders said that as a result of growth, they worry that their business might take on large or complex projects that they lack the skillset and technology to deliver effectively, damaging their brand reputation.
  • They were also concerned that by growing the business, workloads may increase to a level that places too much pressure on staff, prompting key personnel to leave the organization (43%).

To support business growth, and prepare for its challenges better, 79% of businesses believe that an effective and integrated IT infrastructure is essential. “This adoption of new technologies should position organizations to reap the benefits of newfound efficiencies and pave the way for growth,” said Malcolm Fox, Vice President, Product Marketing, Epicor.

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