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September 2017

ATC undertakes a large data usage analytics project for Alexander Street Press

Athens Technology Center (ATC), steadfast in its innovative and extrovert path, recently completed the development, implementation and management of a large data usage analytics solution for Alexander Street Press, an American academic publishing company specializing in providing streaming media and award-winning primary collections.

The solution was based on the Data Analytics Bouquet platform of the French company Squid, aiming at the complete usage recording and analysis of the academic material (i.e. publications, publications and audiovisual content) distributed by Alexander Street Press through a specialized web portal.

As part of the project, ATC has provided portal development and management services, as well as customizing and linking the analytics platform with it. In addition, ATC ensured that portal administrators will be able to have acss to fully visualized usage data through a user-friendly and friendly environment.

View or dowload the Press Release:
- GR version (pdf, 97KBs)
- EN version (pdf, 86KBs)

Squid is a Usage Analytics solution provider for academic content publishers. These solutions help publishers to measure and analyze the online use of their publications to maintain and augment their libraries contracts and to optimize the contents of their publishing list. Starting in France, today it is expanding to the US.