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September 2017

ATC among the leading european representatives in the EU 2017 Innovation Radar competition

Innovation Radar 2017European Commission (EC) through the Innovation Radar 2017 competition, looks for the best representatives of innovation, which are distinguished for their work in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), having been funded by European funds. Among the most innovative proposals is a Greek one, Truthnest , implemented by Athens Technology Center in 2016, aiming to address the phenomenon of fake news. After one year of constant development, Truthnest has been successfully incorporated into Truly Media platform, the system that german media organizations to tackle fake news during the recent elections.

In the context of the competition, the European Commission invites the citizens of Europe to highlight by their vote, the most innovative proposal or a spokesman for the site! 

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hereThe winner will be celebrated next November in Budapest during the “ICT Proposers Day event”.

Truthnest incorporates ATC's many years of experience in the media field by providing the appropriate indicators to confirm the validity of news as they are published or reproduced in social media. For the production of these indicators, news analytics techniques have been utilized using technologies such as artificial intelligence, semantic analysis and network dynamics.

In the same spirit, ATC has worked with Deutsche Welle, a media institution, to develop Truly Media platform, also using resources from the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) Fund. Truly Media is an online collaboration environment where journalists from around the globecan use advanced digital tools for verifying news, images and videos as they are shared directly by users of social media (USG).

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- EN version (pdf, 89KBs)

Athens Technology Center (ATC) designs, develops and supports innovative technology solutions for news agencies and news organizations globally for over 20 years. Truly Media is an integrated web application that is scheduled for full commercial release in October 2017. It has been co-developed by ATC (Greece) and Deutsche Welle (Germany). It builds on work carried out in EC co-funded research projects, in particular REVEAL, and is currently supported by Google´s DNI Fund (Digital News Initiative).