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November 2017

European Parliament welcomes ATC and Truly Media

Truly Media

ATC will proudly introduce Truly Media, the online collaborative platform jointly developed with Deutsche Welle, in the annual STOA Annual Lecture, an event organized by the European Parliament Panel for Scientific and Technological Option Assessment.

This year’s lecture, hosted on Tuesday November 21st at the European Parliament in Brussels, aims to take an in depth look at “Media in the Age of Artificial Intelligence”. In their presentation, Mr. Yannis Kliafas (CEO of Athens Technology Center) and Mr. Wilfried Runde (Head of Research and Cooperation, Deutsche Welle) will focus on Truly Media’s integrated verification features like Truthnest, reverse image search or Google maps/Google street view that support newsrooms to efficiently detect misinformation distributed on social media platforms.

According to the organizing committee, the event “will investigate the challenges associated with the design and application of AI algorithms in the media domain, presenting an opportunity to learn more about these questions and to participate in a debate with key experts in the subject.” For doing so, speakers and panelists from Google, Facebook, the MIT Media Lab, Elsevier, and the Univerity of Sheffield will provide their expert views. 

The conference will be live streamed; you may also follow our twitter account and the event’s official hashtag (#MediaInAi) for more details.

About STOA
STOA’s core mission is “to understand the impact of new and emerging technologies and how to best support technological innovation”. STOA is formed by 25 members of the European Parliament and lead by the
STOA Bureau (which is chaired by Eva Kaili).