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October 2017

YourDataStories project awarded in the Digital Transformation of Public Administrations Event


On October 24th, 2017, representatives of 27 Horizon 2020 open government projects met during the “Digital Transformation of Public Administrations Event, organized in order to promote the uptake of projects’ results in the field of ICT-enabled Open Government both at policy and market level.

After a pitching competition between the five coordinators of the 2014 ICT-enabled Open Government call, YourDataStories project won the Best Pitching Award for the best Sustainability and Exploitation Plan between all H2020 eGovernment Projects.

In fact, Athens Technology Center (ATC), as the project's coordinator, presented the team's strategies for approaching the market and how they intend to exploit the results. The presentation was held by Mrs. Anna Triantafillou, Deputy Head of ATC’s Innovation Lab.

YourDataStories has developed an online tool whereby governments are encouraged to share meaningful data and citizens and journalists can engage, mix and compare this data in an interactive manner. "We all agreed on the winner, because it was the most complete presentation that covered all aspects" announced Leonard Soenen from the venture capital fund Volta Ventures before awarding the prize.

The idea for YourDataStory (YDS) is to act like an interactive canvas to enable data citizens to (re)write their own data history. Check out more information at YDS-partners and their role in this EU Horizon 2020 project via the respective YouTube channel.

Aside pitches of project solutions, participants discussed, inter alia, exploitation and sustainability possibilities including the framework conditions for results’ uptake, market opportunities and available support tools.