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June 2018

ATC delivers Digital Asset Management system for the Insitute of Communication

The project refers to providing a platform for hosting and managing the digital archive of IoC

Athens Technology Center (ATC) recently completed the creation of a digital asset management system on behalf of the Insitute of Communication (IoC). Specifically, based on the modular functionalities of ATC’s infoasset platform that fully supports multimedia content management and content marketing activities, the IoC now enjoys the effective categorization, archiving and management of a vast wealth of magazines, publications, listings, radio and television spots from the 1940 to the present.

The core of the project was the storage, classification, search and management functionality of ATC’s infoasset platform. In that way, system users can navigate through the entire archive of IoC through a secure UI, by combining a variety of search criteria such as the title and the contributors of an ad campaign, its release date and its variations, the file type, keywords, logical operators etc. Also, within the project, ATC has developed a special mechanism of " bulk importing" image, audio and video files, along with their metadata.
The ultimate goal of this IoC initiative is for adverting industry stakeholders to gradually gain access to this archive content, which so far, reaches the number of 12,000 records. It is estimated that in the autumn of 2018, the vast majority of files will be available for any interested party to explore.

Download the case study !
- GR version
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About the platform
Infoasset platform provides all organizations with the the ability to monitor, collect, filter, evaluate, verify and manage content from multiple sources including websites, social media, intranets, emails, newsletters and blogs in real time, combined with the tools to create multimedia content and distribute it seamlessly to all their stakeholders via their preferred channels. The modular structure of Infoasset makes it easy to configure to meet the varying needs of different departments and job functions. From Marketing and Sales to PR and Executive Management, Infoasset provides the tools you need to streamline all aspects of content monitoring, creation, publishing and archiving. Secure, web access supports remote workers and external vendors. Our SaaS model significantly reduces costs and need for IT support and facilitates fast set-up and deployment across the organization.

Download the Press Release
- GR version (PDF, 112KBs)
- EN version (PDF, 101KBs)