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December 2018

ATC supports the 1st Hellenic One Health Forum

Athens Technology Center (ATC) was pleased to accept the invitation of the Pan-Hellenic Veterinary Association to participate in the 1st Hellenic One Health Forum, organized on Saturday 15/12/2018 at the War Museum in Athens. The invitation came as a result of the in-depth know-how that ATC has developed in the field of Big Data Analysis for Health sector, through its active involvement in corresponding EU-funded projects (such as, for example, IASIS, EVOTIOΝ and BD2Decide).

The event takes place for the first time in Greece with the aim of spreading interdisciplinary collaboration and communication in all areas of animal health and the environment (One Health Initiative).

During the Forum's work, ATC will share its expertise on the opportunities and benefits of Big Data analysis in the field of public health. More specifically, the presentation will focus on the possibilities of implementing such analyzes in the context of research, prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases, where most of them are zoonotic. At the same time, the company has taken on the highly honorable role of the coordinator in the Forum section dedicated to innovation and technology in relation to the One Health strategy.

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