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April 2019

Google funds ATC to develop new tools for multimedia (video) content production

Athens Technology Center (ATC), specializing in integrated software solutions for the media industry, enjoys, once more, resources from the Google Digital News Initiative (DNI) Fund, to develop more efficient news production technologies,focusing on targeted video mashups. These tools will be integrating aggregation of material from multiple-sources with sophisticated video analysis, annotation & summarization techniques.

The project, called "News.vid.io" aims to stimulate innovation in digital news journalism by accelerating the news video production process, by offering journalists with the ability to create attractive news stories, enriched with video "summaries" resulting from the combination of user generated content or professional sources like news agencies and more. The project utilizes the capabilities of video analysis, annotation and summarization technologies in a single platform, allowing news and media organizations create multiple versions of videos covering the different perspectives of the same event , easily and effectively.

In more detail, ATC will coordinate the development of an integrated software platform that will allow video collection from multiple sources, along with the recognition and automated annotation of a particular segment of each video, based on selected criteria.

At the same time, the platform will propose the most relevant mashup of these "moments" into a new video (summary), ready to be used directly in the story set up by the journalist. This platform will be developed in cooperation with the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH).

The broadest coordination of the project has been undertaken by 24 Media, a leading Greek digital publisher, which, in collaboration with the Italian National Broadcaster (RAI), will provide their extensive experience in formulating the functional requirements of this platform and their feedback during quality control and validation processes.

Download the Press Release:
- GR version (PDF, 238 KBs)
- EN version (PDF, 140 KBs)