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June 2019

Transforming educational experience into schools, colleges and universities

Students and undergraduates are nowadays asking an educational process that, regardless of its level, will offer them access to  new knowledge fields and also, with the opportunity to pursue a more meaningful future. Educational organizations, from K-12 to higher education, are called upon to support this new experience that their clients demand.

In this process, key challenges that need to be addressed include the students' low engagement levels when it comes to their class and their questioning of the provided training value. Students and undergraduates expect more control, personalization, instant feedback on their essays or other performance issues, interactive educational content, and interdisciplinary opportunities. In addition, people of the "iGen / Gen Z" grew up considering Amazon and smartphones as something given, so they require accessibility through the devices they use and the ability to collaborate online.

Consider adding to the above the transformation of the student profile. Recent studies indicate that over 6 million people worldwide are studying through distance learning programs. Online or blended programs virtually eliminate any barriers that age or geography have so far put, opening new business opportunities to educational organizations. The latter can effectively reach out to more students, create new sources of revenue and solve the problem of limited infrastructure.

In Athens Technology Center (ATC), we believe that learning must be accessible everywhere and always, combined with the best experience possible. For that matter, we are proud to announce that we offer the innovative solutions of Blackboard to Greece and Cyprus, a leading international leader in the development of LMS platforms and training tools tailored to the needs of educational institutions of all levels, such as universities, colleges and schools, enabling them to offer an educational experience of an international level.

From simplifying processes, automating workflows and enhancing training staff, to increasing parent involvement and student engagement, Blackboard's technologies have been helping educational organizations to improve their performance for 15 years.

The solutions are distinguished for their extended personalization capabilities; they can be tailored to the needs of each organization, positively affecting all stakeholders: the student, the teacher or the learning technologies administrators. From live chat and virtual classes or forums to multimedia and interactive content; from supporting resources for each student and individual performance tracking to analytical reporting and more, Blackboard solutions will only help you to maximizing effectiveness.

In addition, Blackboard solutions allow remote access to educational content, groups, reviews, grades and educational communities, either via a computer, smartphone or tablet. In addition, Blackboard technologies promote social learning through collaborative content development, personal communication and knowledge sharing, in a secure environment.

All this and more are already enjoyed by organizations in Greece such as Deree and the Hellenic American Union and will be discussed extensively in the official presentation of the new Blackboard collaboration with Athens Technology Center (ATC) on Wednesday, June 19th.

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