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August 2019

Ex-IQ joins the 2019 Alexa Accelerator

It is with great pride and joy that we want to congratulate Ex-IQ, our close partners with whom we work on developing custom book aids, for being accepted at the 2019 Alexa Accelerator.

Army Ranger and Delta Force Veteran Chris Donohoe, along with Darren Ward (CTO), created Ex-IQ to allow students and lifelong learners to interact with written content by using their voice.

Specifically, their cutting-edge technology effortlessly converts any digital document into an interactive, high-quality audio book (IQBook), which users can exploit to highlight and tag sentences or even embed notes and comments to the original document stored in their computer or tablet, by simply tapping their mobile phone screen, or issuing a voice command through a mobile app or an Alexa skill.

Even better, these highlighted sentences are automatically copied into a searchable, shareable, hyperlinked, cloud-based notefile of the users’ choice. Dictated notes can be attached to the highlighted sentences or as standalone thoughts, thereby ensuring that the users’ next inspiration doesn’t get lost regardless of where they are.

In 2017, EX-IQ was seeking for a partner that would, initially, help them build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in a short space of time and within a limited budget. Their search for custom software outsourcing services led them to us. Our long-term expertise in R&D ICT projects and extensive skills in software engineering led to a perfect match. The partnership continues to flourish, as we now stand as the core software development partner of Ex-IQ.