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February 2019

Phase 3 for SELECT for Cities project is on!

The SELECT for Cities project searches for new technologies to design, research and develop “cities as linked and large-scale IoE labs”, with the common challenge lying in developing an open, standardized, data-driven, service-oriented and user-centric platform for European cities that enables large-scale co-creation, testing and validation of urban IoE applications and services.

We are now coming close to the Living lab developers stage! In this part of the PCP, the team of the City Enabler platform gives developer's the opportunity to work with their state-of-the-art worldwide, Internet-of-everything (IoE) platforms!

In this Living Lab Phase , contractors of the SELECT for Cities project they will test their Platforms against the skills of a mix of in-house, city and external developers and the end-users of the cities of Antwerp, Helsinki!

Thanks to developer's contribution to the open calls, hackathons and numerous events, Select's Contractors will be able to demonstrate their platforms’ ability to involve a range of city users in using innovative apps and platform features.

To date, the three platforms have been successfully integrated within the Antwerp and Helsinki cities and are ready for action within the open communities. The participating developers are invited to create exciting new apps, dashboards or features to enhance the end-user experience.