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September 2019

Miltech Hellas SA selects Epicor ERP for increased levels of control and reduced costs in the production process

Miltech Hellas SA is a purely Greek company that, since 1997, has been active in the defense industry, in the field of electronics. The steady upward trend of the company, with its almost exclusively exporting activity, has made it imperative for the digital transformation of its business processes IT systems.

Specifically, the company has prioritized cost reduction and increased control at every stage, without affecting the high quality of its products for decades. In this context, and after evaluating almost all domestic and multinational solutions, Miltech has entrusted the Athens Technology Center (ATC) to customize, deploy and support the Epicor ERP platform specifically tailored to the needs of the manufacturing sector and is going to completely replace the existing information infrastructure.

In fact, almost 80% of Miltech's orders are for new products. Therefore, a key criterion for selecting Epicor ERP was its ability to ensure that the design and production process were optimized according to the specifications made by Miltech's customer ('made to order' model).

In short, Miltech will exploit Epicor ERP to
  • fully support the overseeing and costing the R&D process at both material and human resources levels.
  • run a substantially effective scheduling of individual production units; the Epicor ERP platform t takes into account the material and human resources available, together with the time priorities set by contracts with customers.
  • consider multiple scenarios and alternative materials / product design with reduced costs but maintaining quality.

About Miltech: Miltech Hellas SA maintains many years of co-production of avionics, electrical (aircraft cabling & electrical subsystems) and mechanical components with leading aerospace companies. In addition, it is the only Greek company in its sector that has designed - developed and manufactures thermal imaging systems for both surveillance and targeting purposes and has marketed these products internationally.

About Athens Technology Center (ATC) : ATC combines in-depth knowledge of ERP applications, with extensive experience in business processes and practices as well as control mechanisms. Since 2001 ATC is the Exclusive Distributor of Epicor ERP Solutions in Greece and Cyprus, awarded with 15 certifications for successful deliverables in the areas of supply chain, industrial production, shipping, health, SMEs, insurance & the wider financial sector.

Download the Press Release:
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- EN version (PDF, 106 KBs)