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March 2020

ATC supports the smooth operation of schools and educational institutions during the coronavirus issue

Educational institutions of all levels can continue running smoothly through the Blackboard Collaborate,  a real-time virtual classroom and web conferencing platform, provided and supported by the Athens Technology Center (ATC).

Specifically, Athens Technology Center (ATC), based on its extensive experience in eLearning technologies and solutions, partners with Blackboard, the worldwide leader in the development of tools tailored to the needs of educational organizations of all levels, in order to help minimize the impact that the coronavirus spread has brought on the educational process, through virtual classroom technologies.

In this context, every primary, secondary, tertiary or tutorial institution within Greece can ensure the smooth continuity of courses.

The virtual classroom  services offered:
  • ensure that the experience of a physical classroom is fully simulated;
  • are activated immediately (cloud based);
  • are fully supported by ATC's specialized staff.

Interested parties should contact us via www.atc.gr/smarteducation or 210 6856597 for details.

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