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June 2020

Usage & Predictive Analytics for Publishers

While the basic principles of scholarly ecosystem hold fast, technological innovations such as big data analytics, have transformed the face of academic publishing. Publishers, libraries, universities and aggregators across the world have been using COUNTER usage reports to demonstrate the value of their resources and offerings.

Why use COUNTER reports

COUNTER reports ensure that publishers and vendors are able to
- provide usage data to their customers in a format they want
- compare the relative usage of different delivery channels
- aggregate data for customers using multiple delivery channels
- learn more about genuine usage patterns.

In addition, COUNTER reports help librarians to
- compare usage statistics from different vendors
- derive useful metrics such as cost-per-use
- make better-informed purchasing decisions, and
- plan infrastructure more effectively.

Inqwell is our end to end, open usage analytics platform dedicated to address the needs of the scholarly publishing community. The solution supports COUNTER Release 5, the latest Code of Practice by the COUNTER project, to provide reliable, auditable usage data in an easy and affordable way.

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Getting ahead of the competition with Inqwell

The academic publishing stakeholders can also exploit predictive analytics in order to serve their users in the best way possible. In fact, studying datasets like COUNTER reports, citation data and subscription costs, can help them distinguish from competition by

- identifying the key drivers of business performance: assessing the impact of editorial and publication data can allow publishers to discover the future leading authors and researchers, giving them thus a significant advantage in booking “first-to-publish” or even exclusive editorial rights. Furthermore, diving into search terms or thematic patterns, will permit them to pinpoint the “next best thing” into research topics and even plan the creation of new journals.

- gaining meaningful insights on new approaches to monetize content: incorporating data analysis will support negotiating teams to set up open access models and also allow publishers to optimize customer experience by providing the appropriate, even unique, content to the right audience, via the optimal channel, at the right price and on time.

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