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July 2020

Inqwell for Alexander Street Press

Alexander Street Press – a ProQuest Company (ASP), is the world’s leading provider of academic streaming media (primarily video & audio) to libraries with over 1.2 million titles. ASP has thousands of customers who manage their subscriptions through an online portal. ASP wanted to help libraries better understand how students and researchers engage with content by providing usage analytics through their online portal.

Download the infographic (PDF , 398 KBs)

What we did for the client
ASP trusted Athens Technology Center (ATC) to implement Inqwell, a usage analytics solution specialized for the needs of academic content publishers. The provided solution aimed to measure and analyze the use of the academic material distributed by Alexander Street Press online, and present the respective KPIs via a visual appealing and user-friendly UI.

For doing so, we built their analytical dashboards using HighCharts, which enabled ASP to process huge data volumes (i.e. millions of page views per month on thousands of video titles and over 5 years of historical data) in a smooth way. Moreover, we delivered a highly safe environment; ASP users can log in via single sign-on to the online portal and each ASP customers only see their own data (incl. any “child” accounts).

In addition, ASP needed to achieve an optimal user experience. For that matter, we developed a custom UX to match a modern visual design and also allow the display of custom metrics like Engagement. Within this spectrum, we ensured that portal administrators will be able to interact with the available datasets, enabling filter, drill down, pivot and search functions.

The usage analytics app was live within 12 weeks and fully compliant with COUNTER Standard.

The outcome
By combining the usability of HighCharts with the power of Bouquet platform, ATC’s teams managed to build a sophisticated customer-facing portal to drive engagement and deliver value to each end customer. ASP customers now get a full understanding of how content is consumed; browsing through 5 tabs and 22 pages of interactive analytics offers them the ability to easily map preferences and content consumption trends, based on search queries, downloaded documents, preferred authors, metadata, taxonomy setup, etc.