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September 2020

ATC participates in Information & Communication Technologies Virtual Business Mission 2020

Athens Technology Center (ATC) , consistent to supporting Publishers and News Agencies worldwide with novel software solutions, will be participating in Information & Communication Technologies Virtual Business Mission 2020, organized by the EU Business Avenues in South East Asia, from September 28th to 1 October 1st, 2020.

For the third year, ATC was chosen between 50 of the most disruptive tech companies to represent Europe in this significant event. This year’s Mission is in line with ConnecTechAsia 2020, and will be hosted on the Converve platform, following the recent global developments of COVID-19.

During Mission Week, in ATC’s virtual booth, key stakeholders of the Media and Technology sector will have the chance to experience:

  • newsasset suite, a common Content Hub that enables the consolidation of editorial production and distribution for Print, Digital, Radio, TV, even News Agency activities. Newsasset is an intuitive and secure platform, whether in the cloud or on-premise, that facilitates the implementation of a truly Convergent Newsroom.

For many years now, organizations such as the VNA (Vietnam), Mediafax (Romania), Media Nea (Dnevne Novine, Montenegro), the greek newspapers “To Vima” and “Ta NEA”, the Helios Kiosk eshop, the Athenian - Macedonian News Agency (AMNA), along with the ones of Cyprus, Tunisia, Poland and Portugal, entrust ATC’s state-of-the-art solutions, enjoying a single system to cover their production processes end-to-end, while streamlining their workflows.

  • infoasset, an all-in-one content marketing solution, that provides the ability to gather, store, manage, route, track, retrieve and distribute any type of multimedia content, securely and on time! The platform enables communication, press office, marketing, regulatory or legal division of any organization to manage the entire volume of information collected, but also the appropriate workflows for creating and distributing content to both external and internal stakeholders, via different channels.

  • the way to have access to in-depth twitter analytics with TruthNest, that supports identification of true influencers, and detection of trolls and bots by profiling Twitter user accounts based on their activity, network and influence.

About Athens Technology Center (ATC)
For over 20 years, Athens Technology Center (ATC) has been designing, developing and supporting leading technology solutions for the news industry globally, serving publishers with newsasset Suite, an all-in-one, editorial, digital asset management & multichannel publishing platform. This cloud based system covers the publishing production process end-to-end, while streamlining the enterprise workflow, from editorial & issue planning, tracking, and automatic layout to the seamless cross channel publishing of multimedia news, all from one system. Newsasset incorporates specialized tools that support journalists in verifying content residing in social networks along with in depth twitter account profiling.