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September 2020

Athens Technology Center will be part of the Smart Factory Conference 2020

Athens Technology Center (ATC) is pleased to accept the invitation to the 3rd Smart Factory Conference 2020, in order to highlight the significance of an ERP solution towards an Industry 4.0 operation model. The digital conference is organized by Boussias Communications, on Wednesday September 23rd, under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).

In specific, Mr. Fotis Diamantis, Industrial Business Software Consultant , specialized in MRP II, production management, scheduling and optimization will present how innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can ensure business continuity, while covering all operational needs during the “New Normal”.

ATC combines in-depth knowledge of ERP applications, with extensive experience in business processes and practices as well as control mechanisms. ATC is the Authorized Partner and the Exclusive Distributor of Epicor ERP Solutions in Greece and Cyprus since 2001, awarded with 15 certifications for successful deliverables in the areas of supply chain, industrial production, shipping, health, SMEs, insurance and the wider financial sector.

You can now download our presentation “Smart ERP for Smart Manufacturing” presentation here.

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