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January 2014

ATC participates in the European research project A4Cloud

ATC participates in the EC-funded integrated project A4Cloud – “Accountability for Cloud and Other Future Internet Services”, which develops methods and tools to increase confidence in cloud computing services, through risk analysis, policy enforcement, monitoring and compliance auditing. The project delivers novel results in the area of trustworthy ICT to make cloud stakeholders accountable for the privacy and confidentiality of information held in the cloud.

HP Labs is leading this effort, while ATC is responsible for showcasing how the developed methods and tools are integrated in the context of cloud business scenarios and disseminating the knowledge gained in the project to a variety of target stakeholders, including ICT security specialists and business experts.

The project brings together researchers in technical, legal and socio-economic disciplines, including SAP AG, the Cloud Security Alliance, an experienced SME in the ICT domain, renowned Universities and broadly recognised Research Institutes. A4Cloud is a 42 months project with almost M€ 14 budget.

For more information: www.a4cloud.eu.