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November 2020

ATC celebrates OneHealth World Day

November 3, 2020, marks the fifth annual One Health Day, a global campaign that celebrates and brings attention to the need for a One Health approach to address shared health threats at the human-animal-environment interface.

Athens Technology Center (ATC) holds extensive, active experience in exploiting Big Data Analytics to digitally transform Public Health. For example,
- m-Resist focuses on the needs of patients with treatment-resistant schizophrenia, studying new therapeutic protocols and disease management methods based on mobile technologies;
- City4Age is exploring the effective use of "intelligent" and IoT technologies to ensure a healthy ageing and independent living for older people;
- BD2Decide focuses on developing new prognostic models for the appropriate treatment of head and neck cancer cases;
- EVOTION aims to support decision making and shaping of holistic public health policies for hearing impaired people.

In recent years, closely following respective developments we timely recognized  the importance of the One Health Initiative. Hence, we turned our focus on research, prevention and treatment of serious infectious diseases, where most of them are zoonoses.

In this context, we have developed tools for surveillance, timely detection and monitoring of large volumes of real-time data, in order to diagnose and manage animal diseases and promote research for the common good, promote education of the general public in areas related to human disease and its relationship to animal disease.  The respective platform was developed within the spectrum of project "The m2B for One Health (microbiology to Big Data for One Health)", in collaboration with the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and Zoetis, a company that is active worldwide in animal health.

In fact, this platform was the basis of a proposal that was distinguished in the context of the State initiative #GreeceVsVirus to support the National Health System in tackling the coronavirus pandemic. This proposal concerns the creation of a database of infectious diseases of animals - productive and companion - in Greece and their correlation with the respective infectious and human pathogens, as in the current context of the coronavirus pandemic in the light of One Health.  Details on the distinction of our m2B Data Analytics platform are also available at the announcement issued by Hellenic Pasteur Institute (in Greek).

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