Redefine Banking Experiences with Customer-Centric Solutions

Appzillon Digital Experience Solutions is a suite of pre-built, omni-channel banking solutions
that ensures consistent and seamless experience across various user touch points for B2C, B2B, and B2E domains
and helps today’s smart banks to deliver personalized user journeys, increase engagement rates, improve customer retention rates, and realize rapid returns on investment.

Up till now, onboarding a corporate customer was a complex process. It was highly siloed with legal, risk, front-office, and due diligence teams not having an overall view of the process in its entirety. All this equated to a lengthy process that would take several weeks. Appzillon Corporate Onboarding  streamlines processes and minimize required time effort.

Key Features

  • Omni-channel solution to enable rapid onboarding of corporate customers
  • AI powered smart screens / conversational interfaces to simplify data capture in an efficient and progressive manner
  • Dynamic screens to automatically reflect any changes incorporated in the back office solution
  • Support for various banking products such as current accounts, deposits, loans, treasury, etc.