Food Industry

The Food Manufacturing Industry is characterized by intense competition, increased safety regulation compliance, changing consumer preferences and demanding supply chain processes. We assist you gain customer insight, optimize operating models, reduce production and supply chain costs. We offer you the powerful Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning with specifically built functionality for Food Manufacturers.

ATC has over 10 years of experience providing business software solutions to Food Manufacturing companies. Since 2001 we are Authorized Distributor for Epicor ERP/MRP/CRM Products in Greek Market and we have become your trusted advisor.

ATC, with award-winning integrated applications, Epicor ERP for Food Manufacturing Industry, a powerful business software solution - provides your company the flexibility and scalability you need to grow profitably by optimizing your most important resources. Our experience can ensure your position in the market by simplifying and automating processes, offering business insight and maximizing product and customer profitability. 

ATC's Epicor ERP Solution: