ATC offers a comprehensive portfolio of learning, collaboration and courseware products including state-of-the-art technologies and popular open source platforms

Inlearn covers all the asynchronous learning technologies your organization needs; from a Learning Management System and a Testing & Assessment platform, to  Learning back-office , Learning Commerce or a Certification Management solution . We also provide authoring tools for you to build your own content.

Depending on your needs, timeframe and budget, we can advise on different commercial solutions like Blackboard, Saba, Oracle and Microsoft to open source technologies like Moodle.


  • We have teamed up with some of the best learning, collaboration and talent management software providers in the world, to offer you a wide selection of technologies for developing and engaging your people and retaining talent in your organization.
  • We also provide flexible and 100% custom learning management solutions based on open source technologies that help you create your unique solution.
  • We provide web-based learning, talent and collaboration products that help you eliminate the cost of ownership and reduce overall training costs. Hence, you give your business the biggest impact for the most modest investment.
  • We also offer best-in-class authoring tools, on premise or web-based so that you can create 100% reusable learning content and develop configurable tests and assessments.

A variety of platforms to choose from

No matter the training needs that your organization has, we can help you leverage innovative technologies and services that meet your demands, timeframe and budget.

Innovative Learning Experiences and focus on Analytics

Our longstanding partnerships with Saba, Oracle and Microsoft helped us build innovative learning solutions for some of the most demanding industries today like banking, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas and government.

From creating a unified learning experience through self-directed learning, certification paths or continuous education to data-driven analysis  the learner’s journey has always been our technology’s main focus. The platforms we offer provide secure, reliable environments that help you reflect your workflows, company values and achieve your goals.

Best approach for your corporate environment

Our solutions support the integrated management and implementation of training, planned or ad hoc, via end-to-end e-learning processes.

The results and the history of any educational program are recorded and enriched by the trainee's profile, thus creating a complete picture of their educational path.

Secure the continuous and successful participation of the employee in educational processes! Exploit the potential of personalized training plans, the social learning network, automated training suggestions based on corresponding trainees’ profiles, and the possibilities of finding mentor.

Tech specifically designed to serve educational organizations

In partnership with Blackboard , we help educational institutions to drive student success throughout their entire journey, providing an optimal education experience.

Our solutions can help your institution
• deliver the type of connected learning experience, support network and on-campus experience today’s lifelong students demand,
• use data to inform decisions and change behaviors, based on accessible, relevant and actionable insights,
• design your technology ecosystem to fit the specific needs of your students, via an adaptable platform that simplifies integration across all solutions and works seamlessly across existing systems.

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