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Scalable, secure, standardized
Inqwell provides each publisher with private access to their usage data in a secure, hosted environment. Apart from COUNTER based reports, dynamic reporting is also available, to compare trends of readers’ behavior and visualize data in real-time. A library of data-driven applications is also available.

Basic features
  • Reports in XLS, CSV and XML formats
  • Standardized layouts and formats of reports
  • Customized cost-per-use reports
  • SUSHI protocol enabled
  • Daily, weekly, monthly or custom date range reports
  • Multiple authentications
  • Compare title to title, ROI even vendors
  • Removal of invalid users, bots, spiders etc
  • Filtering of double-clicks, last click counted
  • Self-access to reports for librarians
  • Independent 3rd party audit

The solution supports COUNTER Release 5, the latest Code of Practice by the COUNTER project, to provide reliable, auditable usage data in an easy and affordable way.

All major categories covered

All major categories covered!
• Journals
• Databases
• Books
• Reference works
• Multimedia databases

Why adopt COUNTER reports

COUNTER sets and maintains the standard known as the Code of Practice to ensure that publishers and vendors are able to
• provide reliable and comparable usage data to their customers in the format they want;
• calculate a cost-per-download and review the value gained from subscriptions;
• demonstrate the reach of the research they publish to Authors, Funding Bodies and Societies;
• compare the relative usage of different delivery channels;
• upsell using COUNTER data for not licensed content (access denials);
• learn more about genuine usage patterns and take informed decisions on what further subscriptions might be of value to users.

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