Inservices - the end to end portfolio of e-learning and human capital management services by ATC that helps companies achieve their learning and business objectives with fast ROI, system and user adoption

ATC offers Inservices an environment designed to incorporate best of breed solutions and professional services in the field of knowledge economy and human capital management for deploying tailor fit solutions for business and corporations.

Our services are people-centric, scalable and easily adapted into most business environments and can be applied across-the-board or be deployed for specific organizational needs.

Inservices focus on optimization of learning and training, supporting in a comprehensive manner human capital development, rendering it the key competitive advantage for the entire enterprise. Inservices enable the willing and committed public or private sector organization to harness the power of knowledge and provide right tools and consultation for:
  • Developing and managing employee skills and competencies
  • Planning career paths
  • Aligning people objectives with organizational goals
  • Planning employee retention, succession and compensation strategy

inservices include:

  • Skill Gap Analysis and Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Training Strategy Plan
  • Implementation Study
  • System Interoperability and Integration Studies and Consulting
  • System Implementation and Configuration
  • Functional Management through ATC’s Operations Department
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Learning Management System (LMS) and Virtual Classroom (VC) Hosting Services
  • Off-the-shelf e-learning courses on various topics in banking and finance (KESDEE Inc) and foreign language courses (Auralog TELL ME MORE®)
  • Instructional Design of tailor-made e-learning courses
  • Creative Direction and Graphic Design
  • e-Learning Content Development, Authoring, Publishing and Acceptance Testing
  • Face-to-Face Training and On-the-Job Training
  • Documentation & Best Practice Guides
  • Tech Support and Maintenance Services

In 2007, Saba, the leading Global HCM Provider named ATC’s Human Capital Management Solutions business unit “EMEA Saba Services -Partner of the Year”.
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