Information Security certification based on EN ISO 27001: 2013 Standard

The Company Athens Technology Center S.A. considers as of strategic importance the information security. The maintenance of its continuous operation and its proper management and implementation of provided products and services can be ensured only on this basis.

The Company incorporates management system, based on the requirements of Standard EN ISO 27001: 2013 for information security management, covering all the requirements arising from the Standard. The company incorporates documented procedures which define the:
  • actions for the system documentation
  • continuous improvement of the system
  • methodology of conducting internal audits
  • control of the application of the system
  • establishment and monitoring of targets
  • measures for the security of the Company
  • classification of resources and control of these
  • personnel safety
  • physical and environmental protection
  • company's operation and communication
  • access control
  • identification of risks and dealing with incidents
  • control of business continuity
  • control of compliance with the system’s requirements

The targets for the proper implementation of information security have been set and the recording and identification of risks has been attempted.

Finally, it is our goal to safeguard the staff with all the necessary logistical infrastructure, so they can optimize their daily activities in such a way as to contribute to the quality improvement of our provided services.
  • Owner of the Information Security Policy is the Company Athens Technology Center S.A.. This statement is an internal audited document, reviewed and revised when necessary by the Management of the Company.