Quality and Environmental certification based on EN ISO 9001:2015/14001:2015 Standards

Athens Technology Center S.A. (ATC) , in order to ensure the stability and competitiveness of its operations, has implemented an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System based on the International Standards ISO 9001: 2015/14001: 2015.

The Company's Management, in order to strengthen its commitment to the requirements of the Standards and to increase its customers’ and associates’ satisfaction based on continuous improvement, promises to:
  • provide high quality products / services to fully meet customers’ requirements.
  • monitor and strictly comply with National and European legislation on issues concerning company’s operation, environmental protection, labor relations and protection of personal data.
  • continuously improve the company's processes, services and products as a fundamental mean to increase efficiency, competitiveness and customer loyalty.
  • define annual targets for product / service quality and for the environment.
  • ensure staff’s commitment and involvement to achieve these targets.
  • provide the resources needed for the smooth, uninterrupted and efficient operation of the processes with emphasis on the prevention and elimination of quality or environmental problems.
  • ensure effective communication with employees, customers, suppliers, authorities and other interested parties on quality and environmental protection issues.
  • ensure continuous training and staff development.
  • provide a modern and professionally-friendly work environment.
  • consider the environmental impact stemming from ATC’s activities.
  • take the necessary measures for preventing pollution and minimizing environmental impacts.
  • take decisions in line with customers’ and other interested parties’ expectations.
  • continuously improve the Quality and Environmental Management System.

The above Policy is known and implemented by all staff employed by ATC.