Newsasset Agency is a unique an end-to-end solution

News agencies exist for many decades and they have the most essential role in news chain distribution. News agencies ensure that newspapers, magazines, television and radio news programs have access to top news stories globally 24X7, 365 days per year. This makes news agencies one of the most mission critical and complex organizations since they work under very tight timeframes and manage many dispersed resources.

Νewsasset Agency is a unique an end-to-end solution, offering a fully integrated environment that meets the needs of today’s news agency, providing all the tools necessary to streamline the workflow for Receiving/Creating, Managing the production process, Archiving, Delivering/Distributing of multimedia news quickly and efficiently to a wide array of customers through multiple channels. Newsasset simulates in the best possible way the workflows of your organization and this is why it can be easily adapted into your environment.

Exclusively designed for News Agencies, newsasset leads to significant cost reduction by faster and even allowing the creation of additional revenue streams by:

  • Receiving
  • Event Management & Editorial Planning
  • Multimedia production
  • Real Time Monitoring
  • Archiving & Searching
  • Subscriber’s and Services Management
  • Mobile and Web Publishing
  • Cross Channel Distribution
  • Integration with third party systems

Νewsasset Agency Edition is a modern software product based on the latest news industry standards and mature technology platforms. The open architecture and robust features allow improved performance of news organizations in diverse areas. Incorporates state of the art technology and open standards. In order to ensure performance and reliability of the suite, newsasset is supported with Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 11g R1, Oracle Linux 5.5. or 6,Oracle Exadata Database Machine and Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud .
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