Newsasset Publishing

Νewsasset Publishing is an innovative cross-media suite covering the overall planning, multimedia production & workflow, content management & archiving, as well as cross channel publishing / distribution needs of any contemporary publishing house.

Νewsasset Publishing is built around an ‘Integrated Newsroom’ concept, with strong multimedia and multi-channel publishing capabilities, covering print, web and all mobile technologies and allows users to deploy innovative new business models and strategies that deliver a significant competitive advantage.

Νewsasset Publishing Publishing is a mature solution that satisfies every concern, be it to expand capabilities, streamline operations, support changes in business models, explore novel social network and mobile environments, or just replace a multitude of systems with an all-in-one system.

Νewsasset Publishing constitutes a uniform environment with advanced processing and workflow capabilities that maximize efficiency at all stages of the business procedures. It uses industry-standard technologies and can be deployed either as a “stand-alone” platform including all its own print, web and mobile modules, as well as incorporate any already existing 3rd party systems, in use at a specific site.

Νewsasset Publishing offers comprehensive business functionality, in combination with advanced technology and scalable architecture. Its modular architecture, with standard and optional modules, guarantees interoperability, scalability and the flexibility to be easily extended according to the dynamics of an ever changing media environment.
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