Outsource a project

Recruiting and developing process for our large pool of IT professionals never stops. We invest in our experts through training on latest technology, platform and methodological tools in order to make sure that they will cover any aspect of your requirements. With full-time experts employed by us and a big network of external partners we have created a vast resource pool with business and technical knowledge to meet your project and ad hoc outsourcing needs.

Project Management

Our experienced team of project managers will  help you maximize your investment while staying on budget under tight deadlines.

IT Business Analysis

Qualified IT Business Analysts will gather requirements from stakeholders, analyze the requirements, document them in business requirements documents and create functional specifications.

System Design and Architecture

System Designers/Architects who will determine your solution architecture and will define its components, interactions and interfaces and specify the technologies and resources to be used in the design.

Infrastructure Design and Architecture

Take advantage of our high calliber Infrastructure Designers/Architects ; they are responsible for generating the highest level of your hardware requirements and ensuring that a robust hardware architecture is developed.

Database Architecture

Specialized Database Architects will be responsible to translate logical design into one or more physical Databases and address issues of Data Migration.

Software Engineering

A wide team of software engineers will handle develeopment of web back end, front end and desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) systems and applications.

Our teams include
1) team leaders that will handle the entire software development life cycle, lead a team of software engineers and can self-manage projects
2) Senior software engineers who analyze, design and develop systems and applications as well as coordinating software engineers and working closely with team leaders.
3) Software engineers who design, develop and install high-quality and innovative software.
4) Junior software engineers who develop software source code and research new technologies.

Mobile Application Developers

Mobile Application Developers will create native iOS, Android and Windows Phone and web-based applications as stand-alone or as part of a solution.

BI Developers

BI experts with all-round data analysis competences: data warehousing, reporting, visualization and predictive analytics.

Software QA and Testing specialists

QA engineers with proven testing techniques and tools are available to perform various types of testing including functional, performance and mobile testing.

System and Network Administrators

System and Network Administrators are certified for providing software maintenance and support and infrastructure services, like network and server management.

UI/UX designers

UI/UX designers will lead all user experience aspects and will be responsible for the architecture of information and design of user-friendly interfaces, navigation systems, sitemaps, wireframes and perform usability testing for Web backend, frontend and desktop (Windows, Mac and Linux) development.

Creative Directors

Creative Directors who coordinate and lead our web design team and are responsible for identity design and branding aspects and design the creative concepts.

Web Designers

Web Designers who create and code your web pages, using both non-technical and technical skills to produce the website that will fit your requirements.

Our promise

Either you aim to scale your business on a global scale or just cut costs, we can take the majority of the logistical hassle for you and provide you with teams of highly skilled professionals. ATC will work on eliminate discrepancies among on and off site staff, including culture related ones, using an array of methods, like sending the team leader and an industry expert in your headquarters or via training of the outsourced teams directly from you, to maximize efficacy.