Redefine Banking Experiences with Customer-Centric Solutions

Appzillon Digital Experience Solutions is a suite of pre-built, omni-channel banking solutions
that ensures consistent and seamless experience across various user touch points for B2C, B2B, and B2E domains
and helps today’s smart banks to deliver personalized user journeys, increase engagement rates, improve customer retention rates, and realize rapid returns on investment.
Appzillon Relationship Management is a a comprehensive solution for banks to manage their biggest asset - their customers, improve operational efficiency, and cut down paperwork.

Omni-Channel | KPI Driven | Offline-Capabilities

Key Features

  • Performance matrix dashboard that provides a snapshot of key business indicators
  • Daily activities items dashboard
  • Customer portfolio heat map that allows the relationship manager to drill down and access 360 degree view of a client’s relationship with the bank
  • Document capture facility that reduces the need for physical submission and printing of documents
  • Seamless integration with multiple back-end applications for easier data aggregation and improved process efficiency
  • Offline capabilities that ensure serviceability of customers in locations with limited network connectivity
  • Enterprise grade security with multi-factor authentication and configurable workflows