ATC Solutions for Shipping Industry

Remain Profitable with ATC

The Shipping Industry although is one of the most profitable sector in Greek economy, it hasn’t remained attached by the advancing globalization and the economic crisis. The landscape is complemented by volatile tax regimes, amplified cost of capital investment and the increasingly mobile workforce. The key targets of shipping companies are: sustain profitability and align effectively with new operational and tax structures. ATC offers you Epicor Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), a powerful, flexible business software solution that provides enhanced control over your company, compliance with regulatory requirements and automation of tax regimes calculations.

ATC incorporates industry best practices and business processes derived from the 10 years of expertise in shipping which coupled with the complete application will lead to more effective business management. Your business can improve performance, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Select ATC‘s Epicor ERP for Shipping solution to improve the adaptability of your company to ever changing environment, regulatory requirements and deal with sophisticated tax authorities. Deploy faster new strategies and process to achieve operational excellence and save on your investment cost.

ATC's Epicor ERP Solution: