FOS-Budget Management & Control

Most companies and Banks today use MS Excel for budgeting. Simplicity has its virtues, but for organizations with complex budgeting processes that is usually not enough. The “FOS-Budget Management & Control” System is a tool for Budgeting, Forecasting and Reporting featuring:

  • Changing the timeline of the budget/forecast cannot be easier – all the dates are relative and the actual base data changes automatically.
  • Different parts and levels of the budget can be structured so all organizations are able to do vertical consolidation upwards and downwards providing detailed data and consolidated reports at the same time
  • Any organization is able to use custom measures in different parts of its budget – workforce, product groups, machinery etc.
  • Create templates that connect hundreds of plan sheets sharing the same structure to facilitate changes distribution
  • Executives are able to obtain all the necessary information through reporting and data analyses