Engage customers worldwide with i-Box e-commerce

Over the past several years, e-commerce has transformed how people buy and sell. The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to purchase things without having to visit an actual store. An online store can reach customers anywhere in the world. E-commerce also facilitates the purchase of digital media such as newspapers and magazines: publishers can boast truly instant delivery.

I-Box e-commerce provides help you create an online shop and reach end customers around the globe. In addition, the platform allows you to apply marketing mix to boost sales like discounts, flat-rate even loyalty programs, and other perks. It is accompanied by top-of-the-line site protection and payment security to keep your online marketplace as safe as possible.

General Characteristics and Operations

  • Languages: Greek and English with the possibility of expansion in other languages
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Search engine
  • User guide and piloting
  • Banners management
  • Sitemap
  • Marketing Features