Save time and money in your recruitment process with Injobs Manager, ATC’s online recruiting tool

ATC’s Injobs Manager addresses the ever-growing need for cost-effective and time-efficient recruiting in today’s demanding business environment.

Injobs Manager is an applicant tracking and CV management tool that helps HR managers, recruiters and line-managers to organise and manage online or through the intranet, all past and current employee data as well as incoming applications for company job openings.
With Injobs manager you have full, secure access and control over essential employee and job candidate data (historical data, career information etc) that you can act upon it in real-time.


  • Flexible software deployment options; through your company’s Intranet or online via the Internet
  • Secure and reliable database providing accurate and accessible employee and job candidate data
  • Fast and powerful search engine for employee and job candidate records
  • Easy to create new Job Openings/ Hiring Now sections
  • Integration with your corporate or business website
  • Communication tools for recruiters and job candidates
  • Tracking of job applicants’ historical data and flagging of potential job candidates’ resumes
  • Online publication of Job Postings/ Job Vacancies
  • Collection, archive and data processing of job candidate Resume