ATC Solutions for Media

Media Industry companies are at a difficult crossroad as market realities and technology evolution force them to amend their strategies for the digital revolution. Internet and mobile penetration has caused the consumer behavior change and arose competition from new players like social media and content providers. News Media companies need to migrate to the new digital world, balance between “classic media” and “broadband media”. In this transformational journey you need one unified solution that can support and enable multi-channel distribution while at the same time allows you to incorporate new business models and strategies. Νewsasset, cross media and distribution suite does just that.

ATC Provides Solutions to Meet Your Business Challenges

  • Advanced cross media solution with one-click multi channel publishing capabilities
  • Web and Mobile Publishing
  • Optimize Editorial Workflow.
  • Ability to create new revenue streams: Subscription Products and E-Commerce
  • Streamline multi-channel publishing process and reduce costs
  • Strong digital asset management
  • Unique automatic page layout feature that leads to minimize pagination time and effort
  • Real-time production monitoring for multiple publications and issues
  • Integrated multimedia newsroom concept

Νewsasset is the definitive platform to help publishers and News Agencies increase profit margins and deal with the market challenges effectively.

Select ATC‘s newsasset to succeed in the digital revolution to adopt highly competitive and flexible publishing operating models, drive publishing cost reduction by a huge 35% - 50%. Deploy faster new business models and exploit new revenue streams. ATC completes the offering for Media Industry with Mobile Solutions, Classified Ads, Media CRM and ERP for Media.