Expand your opportunities with one of the most complete FRP Solutions

As an Authorized Reseller you gain the ability to resell and offer consultancy services for ATC Solutions. Solutions that are designed, packaged, and priced for today’s demanding opportunities in Financial Services Industry and News Media Organizations. This partner program now provides everything you need to add more breadth and competitive advantage to your current business. There is no membership fee.

We provide full support to our partners in order to shorten the go-to-market period. We provide market intelligence data and full training on Sales and Pre-Sales Level. Respecting our partners investment we have achieved training qualified Sales People within one day through online trainings. As the revenue grows partner can create qualified Pre-Sales, Consultant and First Level Support resources. Our partners are specialized to offer:
  • sell software solutions
  • Implement ATC Solution
  • provide training and consultancy
  • fulfill first level support contracts

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