Data Analytics Services to help you drive results

In ATC we help organizations formulate, monitor and exploit a well-defined structure of KPIs, either in a strategic, departmental or personal level. From creating easy-to-understand, customized dashboards to turning IoT into real-time reports, your business can thrive.
Our portfolio includes both industry agnostic and vertical solutions, provided either on-cloud or on premise. Based on a practical, agile approach, leading to tangible results at every stage, our teams design and develop custom solutions or act as integrators for third party software.

A full range of data analytics services to meet your business needs


Data Analytics   Well informed decisions are being facilitated by accurate, analytical insights on various business functions. In ATC, we help you get the most clear image on areas like operations, sales, finance, marketing, HR and more.
InqWell   The scholarly publishing community can exploit Inqwell, an open platform designed to count the usage of electronic resources in an easy and affordable way, based on the COUNTER standard.
We invest in our experts through training on latest technology, platform and methodological tools in order to make sure that they will cover any aspect of your requirements. With full-time experts employed by us and a big network of external partners we have created a vast resource pool with business and technical knowledge to meet your project and adhoc outsourcing needs
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