Get the most out of the web with ATC's Content and Web applications

Whether you need a corporate or community site, on-line store, media portal, mobile or content management solution you can use ATC’s Content Management and Web Applications to quickly launch new dynamic sites, maintain brand consistency, but more importantly manage and share content / documents easy across your organization.

Enterprises operate in a highly competitive and changing environment. On the other hand consumers focus more and more their attention online. It makes perfect sense for you to do the same. Leverage our experience to ensure strong search engine ranking with Google, Yahoo and MSN to attract more customers and boost profitability with reselling your products online through our e-commerce solution.

We offer complete, open and integrated platform that enables the development and deployment of portals and websites, collaboration services and advanced content / website management capabilities. The competitive advantage of our solutions is that they address even business users and not only technical people.

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Simplify your internal workflows, Expand your reach and create new revenue streams.

i-box Portal Builder   i-box Portal Builder is a dynamic Content Management platform that provides advanced capabilities for the creation, management and publishing of dynamic content featuring advanced CMS capabilities; Ready to create portals to explore modern social community networks. It is totally designed using web forms and state of the art technologies.
i-box e-commerce   i-box e-commerce is a general platform for electronic trade. You can create an online store and reach customers worldwide. Our E-commerce platform also facilitates the purchase of digital media such as downloadable newspapers and magazines
i-box e-commerce   DOC ASSET is an innovative document management system that automates the whole lifecycle of document processing within an Organization. It is ideal tool for paperless companies and helps you go green.