Join ATC Partner Network Program and gain competitive advantage!

ATC is a fast growing company, offering robust and reliable solutions for media industry, financial services and public sector. We proudly present our product portfolio: newsasset publishing, newsasset agency, Financial Oriented Solutions, Human Capital Management Solutions, CMS & Web and Mobile that can truly help you respond to competitive and demanding market places and extend customer reach. Our solutions and expertise in key markets can boost your selling capacity within the territory of operation in the markets we serve. We search for passionate partners that they want to engage with an innovative IT company to satisfy your customer needs.

There are no requirements to enter our Partner Program and you do not need to make any initial investment. Our philosophy is to start small and as the revenue starts growing you can start investing. We guarantee quick ROI, how? We provide market intelligence data to all our partners that with our guidance, support and sales training can be translated to leads and closed deals.  
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Select the partnership level that will support your growth 

Authorized Services   Significant partner and ATC investment and commitment. The partner gains the ability to provide additionally the consultation and second level support services, without memebrship fee.
Authorized Reseller   As revenue grows you can increase your investment and commitment to ATC . You gain the ability to sell and implement ATC Solutions & Services without membership fee.
Referral Partner   Discovery level, partner is being rewarded for sharing qualifying leads in Financial Services Industry that convert to won, closed and paid deals for ATC. You can earn big payouts while you make minimum investments.