We help banks gain competitive edge in a digitally driven world !

In order to power smart banks, we bring Appzillon Digital Banking, a suite of pre-built omni-channel solutions that transforms banking experiences for both customers and employees, and Appzillon Digital Experience Platform, an award winning low-code AI based development platform that facilitates rapid application development.
ATC is the Regional Partner of i-exceed for the greater EMEA region , providing both off-the self digital banking solutions and the ability for  banks to quickly build and deploy their own omni-channel responsive apps. ATC is also the Value Added Partners for icrypto, offering specialized Digital ID solutions.

We help banks deliver personalized user journeys, increase engagement rates, improve customer retention rates, and realize rapid returns on investment.

Benchmarking Rapid Digital Transformation
Appzillon Digital Experience Platform provides a low-code visual development approach for quickly building and deploying omni-channel responsive apps and powering rapid digital transformation of legacy systems into future proof digital systems.
Retail Banking
 Appzillon Retail Banking is an omni-channel solution that allows customers to access most products and services of their bank from the tip of their fingers. It supports the integration of third party APIs and also extends legacy services to customers in a seamless and unified manner across different channels, browsers, and devices.
Corporate Banking
Appzillon Corporate Banking cover all touch points for a bank’s customers and staff, allowing seamless integration of several regulatory, compliance, and third-party systems with front-end solutions so that banks can offer world-class products and services to their corporate customers.
Retail Customer Onboarding
Appzillon Retail Onboarding enables banks to onboard customers in a seamless manner using a channel of their choice. The solution simplifies data capture, centralizes onboarding services, captures documents, geo-tags operations, and integrates with the relevant backend enterprise systems.
Corporate Customer Onboarding
Appzillon Corporate Onboarding is a pre built solution that streamlines the process and brings in significant reduction in the time taken to onboard corporate customers.
Digital Branch
Appzillon Digital Branch helps banks to start operations at lightning speed. All it takes is a mobile device loaded with the app and bank staff is ready to start operations almost instantly.
Agency Banking
Appzillon Agency Banking helps banks serve the unbanked. The solution is designed to take financial products and services beyond the walls of a branch to the doorstep of a customer, and easy to use either by a bank employee or any representative appointed by the bank.
Relationship Management
Appzillon Relation Management is an innovative solution that is designed to manage customer relationships, improve operational efficiency, and cut down paperwork.


• 2019|  FORRESTER: Strong Performer in Digital Banking Engagement Platforms
• 2019 |  IBS INTELLIGENCE : 2nd largest number of customer wins for digital banking systems
• 2018 | GARTNER  : Niche player in the quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platform

Partners and Strategic Alliances

In the field of Fintech, ATC is
• a Regional Partner of i-exceed
• a Value Added Partner of icrypto

and has also developed FOS Suite, a specialized Banking FRP solution based on Epicor ERP