Streamline Accounting Banking processes to a “Single Version of Truth”

FOS Suite is a comprehensive solution for the Financial Department of a Bank, which fully automates Financial Control & Reporting, manages Operating and Capital Expenses as well as monitors Budget implementation. FOS Suite allows you to reduce reconciliation costs and create a single “source of truth” in a Banking Group.
Banks undergo dramatic transformation due to the tough economic environment. Their success depends highly on their ability to simplify, integrate and automate operations, using innovative IT solutions which allow them to unify their technology platforms, streamline core processes and reduce complexity, thus cost.

FOS Suite fully supports these needs of Financial Services Institutions and allows the board of directors and top management to gain real time insight and ability to make optimal business decisions.
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FOS Suite is a powerful solution designed to facilitate internal operations & procedures and add value at all levels, including Top Management.

FOS Features

FOS FRP for banking   A Financial Resource Planning (FRP) Solution where all typical BackOffice Financial modules have been specifically adapted to the Banking processes and work-flows. FOS FRP helps banks reduce reconciliation costs, increase information quality, and extends the capability of their general ledger software to handle Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets Management
FOS OpEx-CapEx Management   A Focused solution for the Management of Operating and Capital Expenses (OpEx-CapEx Management), adapted for a Banking Environment
FOS Budget Control   A Budget Management and Control module which allows easy retrieval of historic information, as well as direct uploading of budget information back to the ledger environment for financial forecasting. Monitoring ca be applied on a per product, branch or financial center basis.
The Suite is currently installed, localized and in use in six countries (Greece, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Turkey)

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