Revolutionize the Collection, Filtering and Distribution of business critical content to your channels and clients!

Do you have the right information in the right format to support your critical business decision process? Business critical information is the foundation of relationships, efficiency and growth. As a thought leader you focus on how to get immediate access to external critical content and how to tailor it and distribute it to your internal and external stakeholders, but you no longer have to spend millions to achieve that.

Infoasset is the ideal tool for companies like yours, companies with a digital mindset. We will transform the way you collect, create, consume and distribute huge volumes of information. As markets become increasingly competitive, we give you the competitive advantage you need to differentiate yourself. Collect, filter, aggregate and personalize content and distribute it seamlessly through flexible mechanisms such as mobile, tablet, social media, interactive microsites, electronic newsletters and extranets.
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A Solution for Professional Services Companies for automatically collecting external business critical content that can impact the very existence of these organizations

Infoasset is the solution to revolutionise the way you collect business critical information and how quickly you can deliver it to your stakeholders: employees, clients and partners. In recent years we have witnessed change, market volatility and higher regulation. Success is becoming more and more difficult and it relies on how easy you have access to news and information about key issues that impact your business and investment and at what cost. In the digital era that information spans in million sources, do your customers have the same expectations or higher?

On the other hand Professional and Financial Services organizations across the globe, create, consume and distribute a huge volume of information and news content at very high cost. As market become increasingly competitive, this process becomes increasingly important source of competitive differentiation for many firms. How this content is presented, consumed and distributed is becoming more time critical and complex. Employees, shareholders, customers and even your ecosystem demand to receive the content through web, mobile, tablets, social media and newsletters.

Infoasset resolves those needs in a very cost effective manner! HOW? Infoasset allows you to collect, aggregate and analyze content from multiple sources in real time. Whatever activity in the web that is of your interest can be received automatically based on key words, topics or events. The system has intelligence to aggregate and filter the information and alert the stakeholders to retrieve them. Infoasset contains editorial tools to support the collation of external content or the creation of new content according to your organization approval workflow. Most importantly you can simultaneously publish and syndicate news, articles, researches to target audiences through all channels: Websites, Mobile Applications, microsites, social media and print with only one click!

Professional Services Companies can now realize that can create new revenue streams and can engage better with their customers and partners. The combination of internal and external information gives you fully the ability to boost the decision making process and set strategy eliminating failure factors. You gain the competitive advantage while you eliminate your costs. This what you wanted isn’t it?

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